Hati Hati

Hati in Indonesian is the word for heart – putting more emphasis on the spiritual and symbolic meaning than on describing the actual organ. Hati-Hati translates as "watch your heart", "watch out" or "be careful" and is commonly used in any potentially dangerous situation – such as the insane traffic in Bali. Less dramatic but also quite common are translations like: "don't let yourself get stressed", "take care (of yourself)" or "take it easy".


hati-hati is all about taking care. Caring about nature and natural resources by using eco-friendly and sustainable fabrics. Caring about the people working for us by producing in family and small manufacturing companies instead of big, mass production factories. Caring about your health by using less chemically treated fabrics. And finally we care about enjoying the ride, being on beautiful Bali, doing what we love – and just not caring too much if sometimes things don't work out exactly as they were planned...

Fabrics & Dyes


Modal is a bio-based fabric and 100% biodegradable. Made from naturally grown Beech wood (no forestry plantation!), the austrian based company Lenzing invented a certified circulation-system in which all chemicals used in the production process are recycled and reused. The production of Modal requires up to 10–20 times less water than conventionally grown cotton.

Natural Dyes

All our patterns are hand airbrushed with natural dyes – mostly locally sourced in Bali – and are especially and exclusively designed for hati-hat. Since 2012 we work with a small dying company in Bali´s still very rural and idyllic countryside where all dyes are first extracted from leaves and roots and then in many different layers airbrushed on the fabric. This very time consuming and artistic process is not only 100% natural and handmade but also creates absolutely unique, one of a kind pieces.


We don't believe that fashion can save the world. We believe in being realistic. We believe in taking one step at a time. We believe in giving and getting. We believe in looking on the bright side. We believe in thinking big and starting from scratch. We believe in action. We believe in passion. We believe in love. We believe in being the change that you want to see in the world. We believe in trial and error. We believe in dreaming. We believe in expecting the unexpected. We believe in the beauty of little things. We believe in this Balinese proverb: "We have no art we do everything as beautifully as we can."